Movie Review: Weird Science

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Brief Description

A John Hughes vehicle which mixes sci-fi, teen-fantasies and comedy. A couple of nerdy schoolboys hook a Barbie doll to their computer and scan in magazine pictures of perfect parts of the female anatomy as part of an experiment. The result is the woman of their dreams – Lisa (Kelly Le Brock), a curvaceous and house proud beauty – whose mission it is to help them get the girls. They soon find themselves the most popular boys at school after Lisa manages to loosen them up a bit. Also available as a VHS double with ‘Virtual Sexuality’.

My Overview

I heard about this film from my parents a long time ago before even watching it and is considered a cult classic, if I were to describe to you the age of this film, I would say to you that there are credits before the film begins and Robert Downey Jr is in it with practically no lines. I found this film very entertaining and reminds me of Risky Business with a twist, where an attractive nymphomaniac female brings young adolescent boys out of their comfort zone and makes their desires come true.

This story consists of a strong bromance between two 15 year old boys Gary and Wyatt, who start off as your typical Hollywood considered losers and end up throwing the best party of the year which takes them from zeros to heroes. All thanks to a computer generated barbie doll called Lisa. Only two boys going through puberty can watch Frankenstein and think to make there very own perfect woman.

Built to be a simulation in which the boys can ask questions to learn about the mysterious female gender, Lisa becomes a lot more then they bargained for as she takes the boys on a wild journey which helps them come over their self-confidence issues, their bullies, overbearing parents, a brother who I think is pretty safe to say is slightly unhinged and even killer bike mutants. Although her results are unquestionable, her methods are slightly unorthodox.

I found myself laughing regularly throughout this film, whether it’s the hacking of a mainframe looking like the old school version of Doom, movie references that only someone who was made by a teenage boy would say or the shenanigans that the boys are put through by Lisa as it becomes very clear how their personalities greatly clash.

I like the fact that this film didn’t take itself too seriously, at least I hope it didn’t and that they were able to have fun with it, coming away with some amazing quotes… Anything bigger than a handful, you’re risking a sprained tongue. Is going to stick with me for a very long time.


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