Movie Review: The Fugitive

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Brief Description

Harrison Ford stars as eminent Chicago surgeon Dr Richard Kimble in this hugely successful thriller based on the 1960s American television series. Married to wealthy heiress Helen (Sela Ward), he arrives home one night to find his wife murdered and a one-armed man in his house. Due to incriminating evidence and prime motivation, Kimble is wrongly convicted for murder. However, on his way to death row he is involved in a spectacular train crash that precipitates his escape. Kimble then strives to prove his innocence, whilst staying one step ahead of the dogged US Marshal Sam Gerard (an Oscar-winning Tommy Lee Jones).

My Overview

Harrison Ford… need i say anymore, I don’t know a single kid who was born in the 90s who didn’t want to be either Indiana Jones or Han Solo, as we got older we learned of Blade Runner, Apocalypse now, Firewall and Patriot games. This guy to me is what Clint Eastwood is to my father, although to be fair I do idolise Clint Eastwood as well as the obvious spaghetti western god.

Harrison plays a very prestigious doctor named Richard Kimble, who goes to fancy parties and has a rather dashing apartment with his just as ravishing wife, at least that is how she appears in all the flashbacks because the film is all about how she gets brutally murdered at the very beginning by a man with a prosthetic limb. Dr. Richard however gets framed for the murder and is forced to go on the run to clear his name and avenge his wife however to do this he has to escape his prison sentence and go on the run from the cops.

Armed with only his intelligence he hunts while being hunted and he is hunted by none other than the great Tommy Lee Jones who also played a huge part in my childhood with a little film known as Men in Black  (Seeing as we mentioned Clint Eastwood earlier, we cannot forget the awesome film Space Cowboys.) In this film he plays Samuel Gerard who leads the manhunt with his team of ‘experts’ in the hope of catching Dr. Kimble.

I’ve got to ask it’s very rare to come across a crime thriller where someone isn’t wrongfully accused and sentenced to jail before the correct man is caught, how many people in america are wrongfully incarcerated? It’s very worrying… I guess film makers believe that incompetent cops make for better viewing? Also what is the payout if you are wrongfully accused, sentenced to a lethal injection by a jury and spend a couple months in jail, forced to escape and spend the next few days running for your life while being shot at by cops? The paperwork must be insane.

One thing I did learn from Samuel Gerard… always carry two guns, just in case you are disarmed… very smart man, that or has a slight obsession with guns… it’s safe to say his character isn’t the most morally objective person I’ve ever witnessed… although by the end he turns out to be a big softie.

I thought the plot for this film was really good, there was just enough suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat. You had the usual police banter to make sure that it didn’t feel like I should have my serious face on at all times while watching the film and the action films made me feel like I should be drinking more milk and doing more push ups, the size of the falls these guys survive… incredible.

Really enjoyed this film. Check it out. It’s got Captain Howard from Bad Boys in it.


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