Movie Review: Bedazzled

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Brief Description

Brendan Fraiser plays a hapless, love-starved computer technician who falls prey to sinfully sexy Elizabeth Hurley when he agrees to sell his soul for seven deadly wishes. The devil has never been so hot!!!

My Overview

It is safe to say you can count good Brendan Fraser films with one hand alone; The first two Mummy films and George of the Jungle come to mind. I’m not really sure what to think of Bedazzled, in my youth I found it humorous but as we got older I’m not sure how well the jokes have transferred.

The story follows a similar tale of a boy who pursues a woman who he believes is beyond his grasp, you get a real understanding of Brendan Fraser’s character Elliot Richards within the first few minutes of the film as he attempts to connect with people and is avoided due to his awkward nature which I guess is a quality the writers assumed all tech support shared as they made similar assumptions of the characters to come.

It is when Elliot meets the devil played by the gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley, concentrating solely on the sin lust in some rather extravagant outfits, that I will not deny made me tilt my head more then once. Which if I remember correctly was probably how I reacted when I was younger as well.

Offered 7 wishes we are taken through different scenarios; Being rich, being athletic and being loved… wishes I’m sure we’ve all made but like most films where wishes are involved things don’t go according to plan at all as he goes from a columbian drug lord to the president of the united states.

The reason at the start of the review I raised a question about the aging humour of this film is that it makes a lot of jokes which are on very sensitive subjects which are currently being approached by feminist groups and male insecurities. A man cannot be sensitive without being a pussy, people who exercise and are athletic cannot be smart. a man can be judged by the size of his penis.

It is interesting how time has changed my thoughts on the matter as when originally watching I would not have given it much thought and would laugh without thinking about it. Don’t get me wrong I still find there are moments in the film that are funny and watching it before may have effected my response to some of the jokes  but I can understand why it could offend some people. I wonder whether or not the film would be published in today’s society.

The romance itself is very shallow and based on a physical obsession, which is very noticeable as the female character Alison played by Frances O’Connor changes personality traits between each of the different wishes… meaning that the only thing Elliot craved was her body however I feel the constant rejection throughout provided negative reinforcement on his own personality traits helped his character to grow and become self aware of his own faults.

The film ends with Elliot becoming a little wiser and a little more confident allowing him to be a little more honest with himself as most films with this sort of plot line do. Although this review comes across as quite negative, I did still enjoy it as I personally have wished to be stronger or richer and I think this film nails the message on the head… it just doesn’t work that way, if the devil could send a Elizabeth Hurley demon to torture me for a couple of days so I can learn it firsthand … that would be great, especially in the catholic school teacher outfit *cough*.


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