If you are on this page that means you must be in some way or another curious about me or why this blog exists. I am happy to answer both questions, although I’m quite honestly trying to figure this out myself as I go along.

15965883_10155014713933754_7263914922141278678_n (1)I had an interesting conversation with a wonderful person who I admire quite highly and has been nice enough to follow my movie critique posts up until the point of me writing this about page.

She advised : “What’s your background and why do you like and want to write about movies? Is it because you want to connect with people who love the same things? Do you feel like you have a unique experience or perspective? Then look at the people you’re already attracting to your blog. They’re your demographic. How can you write to them? What are their needs? From that, you can create a mission statement that might help you find an identity or focus. You can keep it in mind each time you write a post”

She is also a movie critic and a awesome creative writer, I know her as Wildfire movies. Link attached if you want to read her stuff.

The Blog


The blog started as an experiment to see if my life was interesting enough that I can
ramble on about my daily goings on for one A4 page of paper…  Size 10 Verdana font, cause I’m classy. It was quite clear after 2 weeks of talking about gym, cycle rides and my failed attempts at asking the receptionist out at my local gym that this was not the case.

What really got traction was my movie reviews and project work. So I deleted my daily ramblings, trust me you didn’t want to read them and have kept the movie reviews and project work.

With a new domain I’m now following this path of creative writing and displaying my love for DVD’s.  I don’t know what other passions this blog might leak in to, I might start documenting my experience with board games and video games, we shall wait and see.


1965561_10152695821178754_2967021847215915893_oI’m not going to lie to you when talking to Miss/ Mrs Wildfire… I was lost for words when she told me to contemplate why I started this blog and what would success mean to me? I’m not going to lie, I gave it a good… hard… think.

My background… I’m not an overly educated man, I completed college with a BTEC and was lucky enough to enter a role in IT Support which allowed me to nurture a skill set and develop in to what is now a rather valuable career.

I have always been passionate about creative writing and watching films, I also enjoy having a capability to broadcast a bit of tongue and cheek. Which hopefully comes across in my writing. I’m hoping that is what connects people to this blog, I doubt this blog would be for people who would scrutinize me for bad grammar and spelling in which I’m sure there is a lot but I think people who like a bit of a natter and a friendly joke across the web while picking up ideas for what to watch next is what I’d consider success, whether that is one person or nine thousand… that’s impossible! (You’re definitely on the right blog if you got that reference.)

I personally don’t think I’m unique or have a varying perspective, I’m quite down to earth… I think there are better critics out there and certainly better project managers… documenting everything that’s going to happen in a game / store while I make it… WHAT AM I THINKING!? But I also think my mistakes and flaws are what make me hopefully an enjoyable read and in some ways easy to relate to.

Do you want someone to review Gladiator and tell you it’s crap because you can see the gas canisters that flip the cart or it’s not historically accurate instead of someone who will tell you that it’s an awesome action film that has to be watched with surround sound, cause it’s so rare to get a proper action film that pulls you to the edge of your seat with every clash of a sword or releasing of an arrow and OH MY GOD ENYA WAS AN AWESOME CHOICE! Now we are free is still one of my favourite songs to listen to before going to sleep.

I don’t know why I chose Gladiator, spur of the moment type thing I suppose.

I hope this about me page hasn’t put you off too much and that you will continue to read my blog. I’m feeling pretty pumped about continuing my work and look forward to ingesting all your comments and replying as soon as possible.

All the best,