Project Inner Demons


The game design document is written to keep the game on track and will allow for each member of the team to make informed decisions based on what has already been decided on the world. This page will be updated regularly and linked to already created blog pages.

Introduction to why we are doing this project and blogging about it can be found here


Game Title: Inner Demons

Game Engine: RPG Maker MV

Graphic Style: 2D Sprite

Gameplay Style: Role-Playing Game

Game format: PC

Project Goals: This is the first project this team has worked on together, we will be designing the multi-layered castle town in which you can enter every building, go in to the sewage system and jump over to the demonic world and see how that will effect what the world looks like around you.

We will also be designing at least the first hour of story for the player to play through in which the soul of the main protagonist becomes intertwined with a demons. Read the task list here.

Features / Player Motivation / Unique selling points:

  • In the long run the ending of the story will be greatly influenced by what the player decides.
  • The combat system is looking to be something original in comparison to any other RPG you’ve played before. A mixture of Dice and Rock / Paper / Scissors.
  • Detailed worlds; we are making sure that each level in the game is greatly detailed and will offer many puzzles for the player to navigate.
  • A unique companion system which allows you to take anyone in to the world with you.
  • Human’s can’t perform magic!
  • No magical potion that will heal you to full health.

Player Motivation: You will want to see the end of the demonic uprising and save the humans from extinction as the only person who has the power  to fight them one on one.

The Team

Daniel Poat – Game Project Manager / Designer

Jake Talbot – Level Designer / Designer

Jack Davies – Artist

Barnaby Parker – Developer

Christopher Searle – Musician

More details here.



The world is in trouble, human’s are on the brink of destruction. Demon’s have been able to teleport in to the world using portal’s that connect their world to ours. No one knows how they were made, all we know is that when the moon shines bright in the sky they come out.

At first it didn’t seem too much trouble, you’d hear the occasional monster strike of a nearby village; Imps, goblins that were deemed more pests then anything and easily dealt with. However these strikes were hiding something far more sinister… a militia of Orcs, Trolls, Werewolves and creatures that your most sweaty nightmares could imagine.

It only took them a month for them to stampede through the forests and appear at the gates of the castle town. Human’s now standing on the precipice of extinction on a rainy night, they hold their ground on the walls defenses ready to fend off the final attack.

Character Prologue:

You stand amongst your brethren on the sandy floor of the barracks training ground as the captain addresses the entire battalion. This is the final week you will have before the demons are on your doorstep, ready to kill every single last human and burn the castle to the ground. You will go through vigorous combat training and making sure you are ready to take on your very own demon, positioned on the front line of the wall.

When it comes to the day you will fight valiantly, you might fend off one or two demons but at the end you’ll find your body falling from a great height as a giant tosses you over the edge of the wall.


Main Protagonist:

A normal soldier volunteer who goes through a change no human has before him and is now forced to utilize this power, read more here


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Game mechanics

Combat: Combat will use a variation of rock, paper, scissors and Dice rolling.

The amount of Dice and the symbols that will appear on the faces of the die used in combat will be defined by what armour and weapons the player is using, as well as what skill they decide to use in combat which will give them a temporary buff per turn.

The enemies the player fights off against will have their own set of dice that will give them their own defined strengths and weaknesses, which the player will have to figure out if they wish to be successful.

Players can also choose to utilise demon skills which will allow them to alter the dice after they have been rolled in different ways.

If you wish to read a more in detailed description of combat follow this link here.


Title Screen: The title screen is going to be used to set the tone of the story and be the first graphical representation that the player will experience of two worlds colliding, the demonic world and the human world. If you want to read more on how we are hoping to achieve that the link is here


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